Wain Soper Pack Station Home

Welcome to Wain Soper Pack Station, a custom leather and canvas shop dedicated to backcountry horse and mule lovers of all types.  Our custom products are hand-crafted and designed specifically with you and your pack stock in mind.  With over three generations of combined packing experience and product development, our qualified staff is committed to providing you with the best pack equipment found along the trail.

Here you will find our custom handcrafted pack equipment ranging from pack saddles and canvas wall tents, to custom leather and canvas cases.  Our unique saddle and tent designs come to you after decades of use and modifications designed to improve quality and usability.  Our custom products are individually hand-crafted and thoroughly inspected before ever reaching the consumer to ensure the highest of quality with every purchase.  Our production process provides you with equipment that not only looks good, but performs at the highest level when it counts.  

In our "throw-away" society we have become accustomed to replacing or rebuilding goods only after short periods of use.  At Wain Soper Pack Station we are committed to meeting your individual custom packing needs by building equipment that not only functions well along the trail, but that can be handed down for generations of enjoyment, heritage, and use.  Our goal is to build and supply our customers with the very best pack equipment available today.