Panniers, Top Packs & Mantis

Meat Panniers

Heavy duty 32 oz. canvas Meat Panniers designed to convinientyl fit deer, elk and moose quarters.


Soft Panniers


Pannier Liners

Convert your panniers from soft to hard with removable pannier liners.


Hard Panniers

Protect your expensive/important equipment with a set of hard panniers today! 


Bear Proof Panniers

U.S. Forest Service approved bear boxes. An affordable alternative when packing in bear restricted areas.


Leather Straps for Hard Panniers (Set of four)

These pannier straps are made from 12 oz grade "A" Herman Oak harness leather with solid brass buckles. They come in a set of four (two straps for each pannier).


18 oz Canvas Manti

Heavy duty 18 oz, seamless canvas Manti 7' x 9'.



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