Pack Equipment

Lash Rope

Our 50' twisted nylon lash ropes accomodate most hitches & can double as a hi-line in the back country. Custom lengths availabe upon request. You won't find a better lash rope anywhere!


Lash Cinch

Our custom lash cinch design uses a synthetic blend material to prevent hardening and increase longevity and use.


Pack Scale (100 lbs.)

There are three basic rules to packing...1-balance your load, 2-balance your load and 3-balance your load! This is the finest and easiest to read pack scale on the market today.


Pack Pad

Heavy canvas pack pad with replaceable pad inserts and wool lining.


Saddle Britching


Saddle Breast Collar




Rope Halter


Nylon Lead Rope




Estwing Leather Ax Cover


Custom Leather Ax Cover

Bring us your ax, and we will custom build a leather cover to protect you and your gear from the sharp edge.


Decker Pack Saddle Breast Collar


Bed Roll

7ft. long and 3ft. wide. 6" gussets. Double doubke water proof. Full length zipper (left or right). Zippered puch on top. With this bed roll, you can sleep in the rain without a tent.


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