WS Wall Tents > WS Wall Tent-- 3 sizes to choose from -- Starts at $1025.00
WS Wall Tent-- 3 sizes to choose from -- Starts at $1025.00

Price: $1,050.00
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Our tents are made from 10.10 oz. Marine Sunforger Canvas to ensure durability, longevity, and comfort in the backcountry.  This unique canvas is water and mildew resistent and treated with fire retardant to prevent stove fires. We use 24 oz. canvas to reinforce any areas where stress or heavy wear might occur; including eaves and ridge line. Each seam is reinforced with one inch nylon webbing to stabilize and strengthen the overall construction of our tents. 

Tent price includes zipper door (heavy duty #10 zipper) with 6" raincover, quick release snaps on door ties (inside and out), sylicone stove jack and 14" vinyl sod cloth.

Upgrades include screen window w/ flap ($80.00) and screen door ($125.00).


12' x 15' x 5' Wall Tent

This is an ideal tent for 5-6 people with a stove.

Starting at $1350.00


This is ideal for 3-4 people with a stove.

Starting at $1175.00

10'x12'x5' Wall Tent

This is Ideal for 2-3 people and a stove.

Starting at $1050.00

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