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Sawbuck Pack Saddle Complete

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Anybody that has spent a significant amount of time in the saddle will tell you that a saddle is no better than the tree it is built on.  Our sawbuck pack saddles are no exception to the rule as they are built using the best pack tree available today.  Nearly 20 years ago Wain designed a tree that was more accommodating to the round, thick bodies of modern pack stock than the popular "humane tree" of that time.  Not only was it designed to fit better, but unlike most pack trees, the pine paddels are covered with rawhide to strengthen and add durability and longevity to the tree.  As well, the red oak crossbucks have been thickened to 1 3/4" to strengthen the most stressed portion of a pack saddle.

Our tree is designed to fit both horses and mules and are built with oak crossbucks and clear pine bars and then covered in rawhide.  All riggings are built from Grade "A" Herman Oak harness leather and are hand edged, oiled, and rubbed with R.M. Williams for long lasting protection. The Hardware on our saddles is all solid brass including the roller buckles (we don't use conway buckles), snaps w/stainless stell springs, dee rings, o-rings and screws. All rivets are copper and hand-set for perfection. The double cinch consists of 36 strands of mole hair and is 10" wide for great coverage and hold with double rings for latigos and lashing. Full diamond woven center to connect each cinch. Roll leather breeching and breast collar made from the finest U.S. chap leater.


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